Mitt's Top 10 Lies

Trying to nail Mitt Romney down on just a handful of his "top" lies is a Herculean task. Never in modern American history has there been a major party nominee for the presidency who was so comfortable and compulsive in his mendacity.

Will the government control half the US economy under ObamaCare?

On April 24th, after the five-state routing of his Republican opponents that put to rest any doubts as to his eventual nomination, Mitt Romney threw off the last vestiges of the primary campaign and locked his sights directly onto Obama. The general election message, which had been developing for months, crystalized:

Government is at the center of [Obama's] vision. It dispenses the benefits, borrows what it cannot take, and consumes a greater and greater share of the economy. With Obamacare fully installed, government will come to control half the economy, and we will have effectively ceased to be a free enterprise society.

What's his name?

Today we have an easy one. What's Governor Romney's first name?

When polled back in January, more than 90% of Americans didn't know the answer, and this apparently also includes Romney himself.


Have women suffered 92% of all job losses under Obama?

Mitt Romney has been struggling with his ability to appeal to women voters in his campaign; this has been evidenced in numerous polls, which suggest the gap is even wider than what John McCain faced in 2008 (who of course went on to lose the general election by a fairly wide margin). This image problem with women has only been exacerbated in recent months with the renewed push in Congress and state legislatures to further restrict abortions, defund Planned Parenthood, and eliminate insurance mandates for contraception coverage... all driven by Republicans, and all of which have been either tacitly or explicitly endorsed by Romney.

Has Obama apologized for America?

Another strategy employed by Mitt Romney in his 2012 presidential campaign is accusing President Obama of apologizing to foreign leaders for America. There aren't a lot of specifics given, in regards to what exactly Obama is apologizing for, or what exactly is being said. But the message carries a lot of emotional weight: if a sitting president were indeed going around the world and undercutting the perceived diplomatic strength and leadership of the country he leads and is constitutionally sworn to defend, it would be nothing short of treasonous.

Rachel Maddow exposes Romney's lies

Wednesday night on The Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow's top segment dissects and exposes the Mitt Romney campaign's uncomfortable-to-discuss and historically unprecedented willingness and compulsion to lie about everything from President Obama's economic record to the most inconsequential details of his own life. Whether or not you are a fan of her show, this segment is an absolute must-watch.


Has Obama made the recession worse?

Mitt Romney does not blame President Obama for the recession; only for making it worse. It's a simple but powerful thesis, one that he's been repeating since the beginning of his candidacy for the 2012 election, and that will surely underlie his general election strategy. In one concise statement, he plays the part of both the venerable statesman, acknowledging that the economic implosion predates the president and he should not be blamed for creating it (a subtle jab at his less reasonable rivals); and a strong, driven politician, admonishing the president for bungling an already bad situation and implying that the real turnaround can only occur with a new president in office.

Have gas prices doubled under Obama?

Recently in the course of the campaign to win the Republican party nomination, with signs of the economy finally staging a real recovery and sellable talking points running thin, Mitt Romney has decided to adopt a political strategy from his GOP opponents: harness consumer anger over the rising cost of fuel prices and pin as much of the blame on President Obama as will stick.

Is Obama slowing domestic energy production?

A charge leveled at President Obama on multiple occasions by Governor Romney is that Obama is standing in the way of the expansion of traditional forms of domestic energy production. Whether it be refusing to expand oil drilling exploration or allowing construction of new pipelines, Romney's line of attack against Obama has been remarkably consistent: Obama is an impediment to inexpensive oil and future energy independence.

Does Obama think he's one of the top four presidents?

During his victory speech for the Republican primary election in Michigan on February 28, 2012, Mitt Romney chose to direct the bulk of the content of his speech away from his fellow Republican opponents and towards what he considers to be the failures of the Obama presidency. Full of confidence from the momentum of his double-win that evening there and in Arizona and speaking as the likely nominee for his party, Governor Romney leveled some fairly damning accusations, not the least of which was as follows:

"Now these days when he's not spending our money or infringing on our rights, he’s busy running for reelection. He believes that — did you hear this? He believes he ranks among the top four presidents in American history. Can you believe that? I’d find a different spot for him."

Are corporations people?

Are corporations people? Mitt Romney seems to think so. In this current political era, when this question arises, many like to point towards the United States Supreme Court under Citizens United v. The Federal Election Commission (2008), in which the majority (5 vs. 4) concluded that "independent expenditures by corporations and unions violated the First Amendment's protection of free speech." However, this decision does not rule beyond a corporation or union's right to free speech under the First Amendment.

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